Chimney Sweeping
​Chimney Inspections
Gas and Wood burning Inserts
Chimney Caps
Weather Protection


  1. Chimney Sweeping
    Chimney sweeping involves the removal of combustible materials from a vertical vent passageway that builds up over time and can become flammable. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends Annual Sweep/Inspect to properly maintain a Fireplace. BOOK YOUR SWEEP TODAY!
  2. Chimney Inspections
    We perform a Level One Inspection using a specifically designed camera system to view the interior passageway of a vertical flue. You can watch with us on the remote monitor, as we check for any structural defects that may pose a potential risk or that would cause your chimney to not perform as intended.
  3. Gas & Wood Burning Inserts
    We install the latest models of Gas and Wood Burning Inserts from Regency, who has been providing Quality units for over 35 years. Click the link below to browse their selection...
  4. Chimney Caps
    Is your Chimney Flue exposed to the elements, or have you had any uninvited critters in your home? A Chimney Cap is a vital part of the Chimney System. It not only prevents creatures from gaining access to your lovely home, but it also helps protect your Flue Lining from erosion and extends the life of your chimney.
  5. Weather Protection
    Protecting the exterior of your Chimney System is just as important as the interior protection. Mother Nature, though beautiful, can really deliver a beating on Masonry Structures. We can add another layer of protection between your Home and Mother Nature's harshness by applying a Water Resistant coating.
  6. Troubleshooting & Consultation
    Is your Fireplace, Gas Log Set, Wood Stove or Insert malfunctioning or not performing as intended? Or maybe your'e looking to upgrade to a new unit or want to increase heat and energy efficiency? Either way, we have you covered. Call us today and together we will come up with the best solution that fits your specific needs.